Hey! I’m Greta, a Lithuanian who fell in love with London and decided to call it my new home.

I grew up in an environment where my creativity was always highly encouraged. At the age of 18 I chose Multimedia studies to explore my options in the creative field. It was only a month into my studies when I picked up a camera and my teacher suggested I continue with photography as it came very natural to me. I think it’s fair to say that I didn’t choose photography, but photography chose me.

One year later I found an amazing photographer who taught me everything I needed to know about photography. Gave me one to one lessons, field experience and the right knowledge to continue with my own path in photography. In the last year of college I became a Peer Mentor and helped fellow students with their photography assessments, that’s where I understood that sharing my knowledge is a very rewarding task. Today, I share this knowledge with my own students.

I work with individual clients as well as businesses. This years clients include Romford Film Festival and brand new online shop Schmoap.

I have a friendly approach towards my clients and as a result people are relaxed during their shoot. Good communication and team work leads to amazing results!

Looking forward to hearing from you!